Scale Prevention (ChemPlace)

ChemPlace is a downhole scale inhibitor squeeze design and analysis software.

The software assists E&P and service companies is SI squeeze job design, SI placement/penetration calculation, return profile calculation, chemical selection, pre/postproduction analysis and real-time analysis to plan an effective job which maximize production and reduce operational cost.

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Here are key benefits of ChemPlace:

  • Real-time analysis to analyse in SI adsorption/precipitation, formation damage and pressure etc. during treatment
  • Per foot SI placement calculation
  • SI penetration calculation to find optimum strategy to prevent scale deposition
  • Selection of right diverting chemical (VES, foam, particulate, viscosified) and their quantified impact on SI diversion
  • Job design (optimum pump rate, volume, SI type, concentration etc.)
  • Job recipe design (Additives in different stages)
  • SI return profile calculation.