Enhance Oil Recovery (EORs)

EORs is an analytics software for primary EOR screening and selection.

The software is capable to model all chemical EOR flooding (low salinity, polymer, surfactant, AS and ASP), miscible and immiscible gas flooding, and WAG to screen and select the most suitable and feasible EOR agent for field development and EOR operations. It assists reservoir engineers in EOR technique selection for field development, uncertainty analysis, probabilistic recovery profile generation (low, mid and high), cost/benefit evaluation, and global EOR database.

Here are key benefits of EORs:

  • Field selection for EOR operations
  • Increased oil recovery calculation from different feasible EOR techniques.
  • Cumulative production, time to breakthrough and oil/water/gas rate profiles
  • Uncertainty analysis to compute low, mid and high cases of recovery profiles
  • Economic evaluation to evaluate cost/benefit impact on EOR operations
  • Global EOR database to benchmark
  • Minimum input data required and remarkably easy-to-use user-interface